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Green Smoothie Cleanse Challenge Update #2

So I wrote this post about the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse way back in May, then this post at the end of May about how I didn’t complete the challenge, but that I was shifting to more intuitive eating. Well, here’s what happened after that: I gained back all the weight I’d lost on Weight Watchers, and then stayed about the same. But I was happier than I’d ever been. Just giving my body a break to actually chill out and not feel guilty about my weight for once was liberating.

green smoothie cleanse review

Could this be me in just ten days?!

It was that mentality that I feel made me ready to complete the next stage of my journey: actually completing the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse. And guess what? I’m on Day 9! And I know I will complete tomorrow. I have zero resistance too it. Mainly because the smoothies taste good but because I think I shifted to another step towards a permanent healthy diet.

In the end of May, I realized that it wasn’t helpful to me to power myself on guilt 24/7. Now, I’ve realized that when it comes to diet, changing it is permanent. The 10 day cleanse is just 10 days, and I initially went into it with a mindset of, “It’s just ten days, then I can go back to eating how I want, but I’ll be ten pounds lighter.”

However, a few days into it, I realized that if I wanted to not only keep that weight off permanently, but also keep losing weight, I had to eat like this for the rest of my life. 

10 day green smoothie cleanse review

Now I don’t mean that you have to drink two green smoothies per day for the rest of your life in order to lose weight, but for me, this has been the easiest way to get enough fruits and veggies in without feeling like it was a chore. Nine days in and I actually enjoy making my two smoothies in the morning because I know how it makes me feel to drink them: no heartburn, no headaches, full stomach, energy. I would dread having to get out a banana, spinach, an apple, 2 cups of strawberries, and a cup of mango (plus protein and flaxseed powder), put it in front of me, and say, “Eat all this today.” However, with my smoothies, I am eating all of that, and it’s not work!

Some people enjoy getting out fruit and munching on it. I was doing that occasionally, but only because I had guilted myself into it, because “that’s what healthy people do.” I feel like the smoothies were a good middle ground and are something that are easy to do every day.

“You know, you’re going to have to keep drinking those.”

That’s what my husband said after I told him about the green smoothies. He meant, like I mentioned earlier, that I couldn’t just finish my ten day challenge and then go back to eating crap. And he’s right.

Fortunately for me, I had a little epiphany today. I’ve had french fries this week, and would eat them again, but then I checked in with myself (a principle of Intuitive Eating) about how I would feel about going to the gas station and getting some Cheetos. Not that I was going to do it, I just wanted to see how I reacted to it, honestly, no judgement.

And I honestly didn’t want any. I imagined eating the Cheetos, their texture, taste, appearance. And it wasn’t that they grossed me out, I just didn’t want any (french fries and cookies, those are a different story).

So What’s Next?

green smoothie cleanse before after

Top: June 2014 (sorry for the dorky safety glasses), Bottom: August 2014, on Day 9 and 6 pounds lighter

Even though at the start of the challenge, I had planned on stopping with the smoothies after the ten days was over, on Thursday morning, I’m going to get up just like I have for the past ten days, and make myself two smoothies for breakfast and dinner. This is going to be a permanent change for me. I already ordered another book with 300 green smoothie recipes for variety.

Going forward, I may have a “real” lunch if I’m invited or have a strong craving, and then stick to healthish dinners, as well as continuing to avoid dairy milk, fast food, soda, and bread/gluten. But this doesn’t mean 20% of my diet won’t be filled with ice cream, burgers, Jimmy John’s, fountain Diet Dr. Pepper, or other delicacies. It just means it won’t rule my life.

Something I started originally for weight loss before our vacation next week really has become something I can stick with for my remaining 24 pounds to lose (yep, I’ve lost 6 pounds and 2.7 inches), as well as beyond.

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey L. Jones is a digital marketing consultant with a love for fitness, cookies, dogs, and naps. She’s based out of the Kansas City Metro.

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August 2014 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway: Twitter

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Author information

Kelsey Jones
Kelsey L. Jones is a digital marketing consultant with a love for fitness, cookies, dogs, and naps. She’s based out of the Kansas City Metro.

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9 Truths About Being Self-Employed

Going at it alone is something that isn’t for the faint of heart. When I quit my last full-time job to freelance full-time, my husband and I had literally closed on a house the day before. We had our mortgage. Now it was time for my freedom. Am I grateful that my husband trusted me enough to do such a “crazy” thing? Definitely. But once I sat down and thought it through, I knew it was the best choice for me. I knew I’d probably never be as happy in an office when I know the joy of working from home.

Now that I’ve freelanced full-time for three years, here are the top lessons I’ve learned along the way, with many more certainly forthcoming.

You’re Going to Doubt Yourself


This is definitely number one for me, and something I continuously struggle with in certain situations. Going into full time self-employment/freelancing (these terms are interchangeable for me) is one of the scariest things you can do, mostly because you are completely responsible for not only your own success, but your own livelihood as well. At a large corporation, it takes weeks or even months of not doing shit before someone realizes it. When you’re on your own, you can’t afford to not work just because you are hungover/aren’t feeling creative/would rather be sleeping.

However, for me, doubt is one of the things that propelled me forward. I don’t fail, I told myself. And I didn’t!

Haters Gonna Hate


If When you end up being successful, haters are going to come out of the woodwork, especially if they are in your social circle or industry (and that’s just because the strangers at the grocery haven’t known you long enough yet). Point being, if they know anything about your success, the “Balloon Poppers,” as I like to call them, are there to burst your bubble about everything from what you’ve accomplished to the fact that your purse might be fake. My favorite are the comments like, “Must be nice to buy a new car.”

Yep. It is nice. Thanks and moving on.

You Aren’t Alone

Sometimes self-employment can feel lonely. You may not know anyone else who is self-employed and thus, you receive no looks of pity when you say you’ve worn sweats for the past week and it made you feel super sloppy.

But, there are groups and resources for those among us who want to still feel like they are part of a group who understands our daily patterns and workflow. I belong to a great, positive mastermind group of entrepreneurial women that give out advice from everything on color scheme for branding to whether or not working on the weekends is a good idea. Find a group online or in person that you relate with to help keep you sane.

Additionally, because working from home gets lonely sometimes, keep in touch with your “regular” work friends, and meet them for lunch or happy hour. It helps you get out of the house more and keeps your relationships fresh.

People Will Over-Rely on You

Just because I work from home, I’ve had people ask me to do everything from pick them up from the airport (an over 90 minute round-trip for me) to sit in their apartment while their furniture is supposed to be delivered. While I honestly don’t mind helping out occasionally, it’s important to set up boundaries so you’re not the default cat sitter/plant waterer/furniture delivery supervisor.

Set guidelines and say no once in a while, even if you can do what they ask. You don’t have to say yes to everything.

You Are Your Own Sales Staff


This is another one I’ve especially struggled with. Because I’m not an overtly outgoing person, the negotiation process that comes with getting a new client can be awkward at times because it doesn’t come naturally to me. In addition, because freelancing is often a fickle business by season (e.g. Summer and Winter are slower for me, probably because of budget cycles and vacation time), it’s important to always be prospecting.

I’ll often be submitting proposals for new work even if I’m pretty busy, because by the time I’m done with a few projects and have more time on my hands, those clients I’ve been talking to over a few months are ready to jump on board.

When it comes down to it, if you believe in yourself, your clients will too. In addition to regularly raising your rates (psychologically, specialists who demand a higher wage usually get jobs more often because a higher rate equates to a more knowledgeable person subconsciously), speak with confidence and prepare for each call so you know what you are talking about.

Happiness is Almost Guaranteed


So this is a little hokey, but my happiness level now is way higher than I ever thought it could be. To be able to do what I want (for the most part), every day, and to choose the projects I want to work on? It is a dream come true. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be writer (and I have the “books” five-year-old me wrote to prove it). And now, here I am, making it happen. It certainly has its fill of “Pinch Me” moments.

Because being self-employed allows you to better follow your natural interests, you’ll be more satisfied with your overall day-to-day life and career.

You Will Reach a Tipping Point

This relates to the previous point, but when you are first starting out, you’ll most likely have to take whatever work you can get. In my case, this meant writing articles on weight loss surgery and penny stocks for $15 each. But, if you’re humble and willing to work hard, you will reach that tipping point where you can start being choosy about your clients and projects.

This works to your and the client’s benefit. By choosing more projects you have a natural interest in, you are more engaged. Higher engagement leads to better results, which makes for happy clients. Happy clients refer other awesome clients to you so you can repeat the cycle.

It may take years to reach the tipping point. It may also take the strength to turn down clients or a project you know you’ll hate. Be strong and think of your well-being. It’s worth it!

Now You’ll Get All That Productivity and Entrepreneur B.S.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be devouring all those articles on “work hacks”, productivity, entrepreneurship, small business, and effectiveness. Because when you are self-employed, time is literally money. You are only making money when you’re working, unlike a salaried job, which you can fart around with every Friday and still get paid.

Get started with Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and Getting Things Done by David Allen. Move on to Lifehacker, 99u, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others that speak to you.

You’ll Probably Make More Money

Finally, one of the best parts (if I’m being honest). You’re probably going to make a shitload more money (this is, of course, what leads to those haters I was talking about). I make about three times as much now than I did at my last salaried, full-time job three years ago. Of course, I was underpaid (my boss who I replaced before leaving, made $20k more than me), but the fact remains that if you work your ass off and stay committed to getting better (and raising your rates annually), you will make more money than you did at your full-time job.

While sometimes this means 50-70 hour weeks and a whole mess of considerations for retirement plans, maternity/paternity leave, and no paid vacation days, it’s worth it.

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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey L. Jones is a digital marketing consultant with a love for fitness, cookies, dogs, and naps. She’s based out of the Kansas City Metro.

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2014 Further With Ford Event

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2014 Further With Ford Event

2014 Further With Ford Event

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